Edinburgh Crossfit MTS


CrossFit MTS is a performance-based gym located in Edinburgh that delivers definitive fitness results. Utilizing prominent athletic movements combined with innovative breakthroughs in fitness, CrossFit MTS provides the most effective way for the client to achieve their goals as quickly and as safely as possible. Whether the client is a weekend warrior, a soccer mum, an aspiring or current professional athlete, CrossFit MTSwill make a fitness envision a reality.



Speed, Strength, Power and Endurance


At CrossFit MTS is for Speed, Strength, Power and Endurance; meaning CrossFit MTS employs traditional weight training and cardiovascular equipment with alternative and non-traditional apparatus combined with intense conditioning and plyometrics. This tried and tested formula represents the most cutting edge fitness experience, and will be the first of its kind available in Edinburgh. The key is not to subscribe solely to one area of fitness but to embrace all effective advances in fitness.

However, the most important about training at CrossFit MTS: fun and enjoyment. We want you to relish being here and to get the most out of your fitness experience.